The Classic Underbust Corset is hugely popular, for very good reason.


This versatile garment can be worn underneath clothes as shape wear or over your clothes as outerwear. However you wear it, be prepared to turn heads!


Please note that the corset pictures for reference purposes - while the fabric and finishing remains consistent each corset is tailor made to the wearer's body so the exact proportions will vary. 

The corset will be perfectly 'you sized'.


Bespoke corsets take 4-8 weeks to create, please contact me before purchasing if you are in a hurry.

Bespoke Underbust Corset

R6 000,00Price
  • Velvet Letter Classic Corsets are inspired by historical victorian corsetry but are cut to suit your individual needs, whether you are looking for a shapewear garment to max out your curves or a support garment to stabalise your torso, assist in good posture or support your bust. Corsets are a great alternative to bras for busty babes and can be very helpful in alleviating/preventing back pain for the desk jockeys:)

    Most corsets require two to three fittings, the first where I take a bazillion different measurements and the others where you will try on a toile - a mock up made in more basic fabric - so that I can see exactly how the corset is sitting on your body in order to refine and sculpt the pattern. The usual lead time for a classic corset is 6-8 weeks.

    Payment plans are available, please don’t hesitate to chat to me if you would like to use this option. I require a 25% non-refundable deposit to book you into my production schedule and payment needs to be made in full before collecting your corset.

    Classic corsets are made from 100% cotton coutil fabric and use a combination of synthetic whalebone and steel boning. Standard closures are a center fron zip and two part eyelits with ribbon lacing at the center back.

    Please note that bespoke garments are currently only availible via in person fittings in Cape Town.