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About TVL

The Velvet Letter creates oportunities for joy, playfulness and glamour through boutique costume rentals, boudoir photography experiences and our signature offering: bespoke corsetry.
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my History


Officially founded in 2013, The Velvet Letter is the result of three decades of sewing adventures and a deep love of fashion history, exquisite craftanship and, of course, corsets.

I am a completely self-taught sewist. My grandmother taught me the basics of using her sewing machine when I was five years old and allowed me to play with the fabric offcuts in her scrap basket. The first thing I can remember making is a miniature version of Aurora's ball gown from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Followed by booties for Granny's poodle...

After exploring many areas of fiber art including embroidery, millinery, quilting and vintage couture sewing I have settled into a happy niche of corsetry and costuming.

The Velvet Letter is the only full time specialist corset maker in South Africa. I am availible to create minimal foundation wear, thereputic support garments or lavish ensembles for special events. I also take contracts from film and television productions as a cutter and fabricator.




my Commitment


As a one woman business I am responsible for all aspects of the creative process, from design through to pattening and construction. My hands are the only ones to touch your order, and each commission recieves my full attention.
I combine fine craftmanship across diverse skill sets with a playful creativity to produce unique garments that inspire and delight.

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Hi, I'm Anya

I've spent my whole life playing dressup and love holding space for my clients to discover a new appreciation for themselves through the transformative powers of corsetry and photography.

I studied Photography at Ruth Prowse School of Art graduating in 2010, and completed an honours degree in Genderstudies at the University of Cape Town graduating in 2013.

I aim to create a diverse and inclusive space for clients of all gender exressions and backgrounds in line with feminist intersectional pratices.

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