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Bespoke corsets and costumes

A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.

Corsetry forms the foundation of many couture dresses and I am able to create full ensembles for bridal or special occasion wear or to build fantastical costumes for your theatre or film project.


Velvet Letter Classic Corsets are inspired by victorian corsetry but are cut to suit your individual needs, whether you are looking for a showstopping outerwear corset, shapewear garment to max out your curves or a support garment to stabalise your torso, assist in good posture or support your bust.

Classic bespoke underbust corsets are R 6000 and classic overbusts are R 9500. I will be writing a number of blog posts with aaallllll the information on commissioning a corset or gown, but in the mean time feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas.

If you are in a hurry click through to my shop to reserve your slot in my production line.

Classic corsets take 4-8 weeks to fit and construct.

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